Earlier companies were maintaining their financial records manually. Due to frequent change in finances, keeping perfect accounting is critical. Capium provides solution to all these problems faced by business.

Proficiency is a main factor of building a positive business, and taking on new technology can simplify processes and saves your precious time, which you can place on other matters concerned to your business. Computerizing the complete accounting assignment raises office competency. Through computer, you can get all accounting reports of the company, at an instant notice. Computers are fruitful for managing complicated home-based fiscal records.

Capium can bring an easier approach to accomplish your bookkeeping tasks, even though you don’t have an experience in finance and accountancy. Bookkeeping can be a prolonged event, in the field of small business. Capium gives you one place to go for Bookkeeping. All your customer details, supplier details and financials, all in one place – organized and searchable, so you can always find what you need, thus making your financial data more adaptable and reachable.

Capium has achieved acceptance because of being mainly easy to access, either you’re in the office, residence or any other place; you can access your financial data with the support of a laptop and an internet connection. Our accounting software can be specifically suitable for small businesses. Although many businesses are running their bookkeeping by the way of downloadable software, the benefit of Capium is that, you and your accountant can straightaway access your accounting data.

As the data is stored in a remote location, chances of data loss from fire, is minimal. If the business faces a tangible loss, yet all the accounting records are safe. Your vital data backup is taken daily on servers. Our main aim is to safeguard the client’s valuable data.

It’s simpler than paper or spread sheets; Capium automates your accounting and does the sums for you, and there’s no need to create complicated spread sheet formulas either.  The paper chase is strongly reduced. Capium is free for a single user. During your first 30 days you will have a free access to the premium version. We are providing lots of services to our esteemed customers at a reasonable cost. Customer satisfaction is our main motto.

Capium keeps you in touch with your financial data, and you will have the choice of permitting your accountant to do all the accounting and bookkeeping related work, while having full control and access to your records.

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