We at Capium are always looking to create a smoother user experience, so we have released new features to our software as well as fixing other aspects of our software. Here is a quick rundown of the changes.


Advance search option in all the required report

We now provide a free search option on all the pages where data can be searched on the basis of any criteria/field. For example, within Sales>>Invoices we can search the Invoices based on the amount, customer etc.

Rich sorting and download option in reporting

The option to sort the data based on dates and export in that sequence is given on all the pages where sorting is possible. For example, within Purchase>>Invoices we can sort by date then all the purchase invoices can be exported in a corresponding manner i.e. earliest transaction showing first.

Integration of directors and self-assessment

The most important feature we have introduced is to create an individual in self-assessment directly from the Bookkeeping contacts section itself. This is a milestone feature which will help reduce the duplication of work by importing individuals (directors) separately as clients.


Automatic pension assessment in bulk payroll

This feature is a step towards further enhancement in automation and now there is no requirement to run the pension assessment manually before the bulk payroll service runs on a given date. Capium will now run the assessment automatically based on the last input given. If the client wants to make any necessary changes i.e. opt-out or opt-in, then the same needs to be done manually at their end.

New bulk payroll service

We have enhanced this service, updating the current version. This includes an improved audit trail in which we will be informed via email alert if anything goes wrong on the client’s end or at our end and a necessary action can be taken to help the client on a real-time basis.

Accounts Production

Pre-validation on accounting periods recording

This functionality has now been enhanced while creating an accounting period. The due dates for accounts and corporation tax will show up based on the ‘To Date’ entered. Earlier the due dates were not updated. The accountant can now create the accounting period for their own requirement instead of coming to us, this includes the creation of 1 day accounting periods as well.

Enhancement of functionality at global setting in the accounts production module

Under global settings, the report formatting is now presented in a more advanced manner and the user interface has been enhanced. Several other UI related enhancements have also been added in the global settings.

My Admin

Liberalisation in change of client type is provided under My Admin

If the accountant has mistakenly added a client as an individual instead of sole trader, this can be changed at their end – given that no single transaction is passed. If the transactions are made in any of the modules pertaining to that client then no such change can be made as it has an impact on several sets of data.

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