“A no brainer”: How Capium helps Shefford Accountancy keep it simple

Posted by Capium on Jul 15, 2019 3:06:43 PM

When Sally Tackas started Shefford Accountancy Services in 2014, she wanted simplicity. She had been an accountant for 25 years and decided to pursue her own thing for health reasons.


“Obviously, the first year was all panic,” Tackas says, echoing the familiar anxiety of striking out on your own. But she immediately fell in love with working for herself. The only thing that didn’t quite fit was her software.


“When I started out I was using Sage for bookkeeping and for Accounts Production, but it was too expensive.”


As soon as the year contract with Sage reached its end, Tackas immediately went about looking for an alternative. The software hunt wasn’t easy. “I searched for ages,” Tackas explains. “I had two criteria: Firstly, I wanted to have everything in one place. One programme, one login, that can do everything. Secondly, it had to be cloud-based.”


“It took me weeks and then I finally found Capium.”


Capium offers everything in one place. No app eco-systems or multiple log-ins. Just one central hub where an accountant can perform the necessities. And as Tackas added three employees, the software has seamlessly adapted to her growing firm.


“All of my employees say how easy Capium is to use,” says Tackas. “It’s user-friendly and everything is simple to do. And the support is brilliant. Capium usually gets back to us within an hour if we have a query.”


As for price, no software compares, according to Tackas. “I’m saving money, so I can pass the savings on to customers. For a relatively new business, price is a concern. If I was having to pay out some of the prices I see from other software vendors, I’d have to stick up my fees to cover it.


“I can be competitive on price because my outlays are low, and as an accountant, software is one of your biggest overheads.” And what Shefford Accountancy gets for its money, is an easy-to-use, scalable software package.


“Capium is growing with me. It's constantly open in the office and just being able to log into one thing and the way it integrates everything is so powerful.” Another benefit of Capium is that it plays nice with other software, too.


“I don’t tell my clients which bookkeeping software to use,” Tackas explains. “I don’t need to, importing is straightforward. I can download a TB from any software my client uses. I can cope with any different software and I’m not limited in which clients I can take on.”


Capium, she says, is a “no brainer”. “I have no hesitation to recommend it to other accountants. I do already, and I will continue to do so.”

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